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Don’t overthink it, pack your bags and just go.

Drive to Yorke Peninsula

South Australia has more than 3,000kms of coastlines, and if you include Kangaroo Island and the other smaller islands then it’s up to more 4,000kms. Continue ⟶

2 Days to Roam in Rome

After running around Athens and getting some nice downtime in Santorini, we flew for a couple of days to Rome. We decided to skimp on… Continue ⟶


I have gazed upon photos of Santorini growing up on calendars mostly. We found that the island is more breath taking in real life. Continue ⟶


After sitting in the bus for most of the day and walking around the ruins at Delphi, we finally arrived at the quaint town of… Continue ⟶


We left Athens on the third day, joining an overnight group tour that would first take us to Delphi. Delphi was thought of by the… Continue ⟶


It was July 2012, we packed our bags and jumped on a plane bound for Europe. Our first stop was Athens, Greece. The 11.5 hour… Continue ⟶

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